Amla | Indian Gooseberry | Phyllanthus Emblica Powder - 200g

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Dark Forest® Amla |Indian Gooseberry| Phyllanthus Emblica Powder - 200g


Dull and Weak Hair

Key Features

Part of Plant Used: Fruit
Health Concern: Hair Care | Vitamin C
Hair Conditioner
Long and Strong Hair
Regular Use Darkens Hair Colour
Soft and Shiny Hair

Latin name:   Phyllanthus Emblica, syn. Emblica Officinalis
English Name: Emblic Myrobalan
Hindi Name: Amalika, Amalaka, Aanwali
Gujarati Name:  Aamla

Amla Fruit Powder consists of a number of essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturise the hair. These essential fatty acids are able to penetrate through the scalp to remove any dryness and consequently address issues like dandruff. Amla Fruit Powder is also rich in proteins, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals that are necessary to help the hair grow and prevent any hair loss. Amla Fruit Powder also has many antioxidant properties that are effective in strengthening the roots of the hair. It also acts as a conditioner that gives hair a natural shine and bounce.


Can be used internally or externally.

Suitable for

Vegetarians and Vegans


Produce of India

Free from Fillers • Binders• Gluten • Wheat • Lactose • Preservatives • Artificial Colouring • Yeast • Sugar • Animal testing.

Directions of Use

Hair Care
Mix equal amounts of Dark Forest Hibiscus Flower Powder and Dark Forest Amla Fruit Powder and make a thick paste using water. Applying this paste to hair and roots and wash once completely dry. This remedy controls hair fall permanently and increases hair growth.
Homemade Shampoo
Mix 1 tbsp each of Dark Forest Amla Fruit Powder, Dark Forest Shikakai Fruit Powder and Dark Forest Reetha Fruit Powder in 500 ml of water overnight. Heat the mixture in water and turn off the gas when it just begins to boil. Cool and strain. Use it as a natural shampoo.
Homemade Conditioner
Mix 1 tsp each of Dark Forest Brahmi Leaf Powder, Dark Forest Ashwagandha Root Powder, Tulsi Leaf Powder, Dark Forest Neem Leaf Powder, Dark Forest Amla Fruit Powder and Dark Forest Bhringraj Leaf Powder. Boil some water and add it to the mixture. Allow the powders to create an infusion with the water. Fill a glass jar with the infusion and let it stay overnight. Strain it in the morning. Use the liquid that you get to rinse your hair after shampooing it.

The Process

The raw herb is specially handpicked for superior quality. It is then processed using good manufacturing processes so that the goodness of the herb is preserved even in the powder. The powder is then carefully packed in a paper bag to ensure the freshness of the product for a long.

Storage Instructions

Please reseal the packet after every use. Keep away from moisture and direct sunlight. Use the contents within 3 months of opening.


All the products are for personal use and not for resale. The product description has not been evaluated by the food & drug administration(FDA). The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. The product should not be used by pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, and children below 18 years of age without consultation from a registered medical practitioner.
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